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TL;DR: The Arts & Entertainment Network (A&E) wanted an innovative and effective campaign that would nudge advertisers to sign holiday advertising contracts. The elves at Boundless worked with A&E to create The Wrap-Up Box: a “Christmas In July” themed box complete with custom wrapping paper, bows, and tissue paper. The Wrap-Up Box deepened A&E’s relationships with advertisers well ahead of the Q4 rush.


Since 1984, the Arts & Entertainment Network (A&E) has graced our TVs with programming on The History Channel and Lifetime. Although it was the height of summer, A&E was already planning its holiday promotions for its subsidiary channel, Lifetime. The holidays move quickly, so A&E wanted to encourage its advertisers to book their contracts earlier in the year. You could say they wanted their advertisers to “wrap up” their winter advertising contracts, so the elves at Boundless got to work with an innovative way to seal the deal on these advertising contracts.

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Boundless worked with A&E to create the A&E Wrap-Up Box. We developed a “Christmas in July” theme for the box using “It’s A Wonderful Lifetime Any Time” messaging. 

The box not only reminded advertisers to get the jump on the Q4 advertising slots, it also engaged advertisers with a fun and useful collection of wrapping paper. Each box included: 

  • 12 rolls of thick, double-sided custom wrapping paper. The Boundless team created 24 colorful designs for Christmas, Hanukkah, birthdays, weddings, and other occasions. 
  • Bows, tags, and tissue paper.


A&E successfully booked its holiday advertising slots well ahead of Q4, which made it much easier for the network to forecast its financial performance and programming.


A&E’s Wrap-Up Box helped the network gently nudge advertisers to commit to holiday advertising campaigns. But more than that, the Wrap-Up Box evoked the warm, cozy feelings of holiday cheer. It was an effective, innovative way to deepen advertiser relationships while making it possible for the network to better plan for the holiday season.




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