Let’s Talk Tech

At Boundless we do not believe in a one-size-fits-all approach. We take the time to truly understand the needs of your organization and learn about your different buyer types to create a solution that caters to everyone. Our technology platform is the only platform that addresses all of your different buyers’ needs in one place.

Standard Buyer

Standard Buyer

Purchases small quantities, often routine orders. Basic billing process.

Marketing/Agency Buyer

Marketing/Agency Buyer

Responsible for integrated
campaigns/programs. Can include: custom online solutions, print, and fulfillment.

Professional Buyer

Professional Buyer

Requires heavy customization;
may have regional or co-branding projects. Heavily seeks ideation/artwork services.

The Boundless Technology Toolkit


Your central hub
for browsing, sharing,
and collaborating.
  • Browse Idea Books with product collections your team has created
  • Create projects with products for specific campaigns
  • 100% of order tracking for all orders placed online AND offline
  • Review order history and run reports


Your customized
one-stop shop with
everything you need 24/7.
  • Integrate your online store with your ERP solution to streamline the ordering process
    (learn more about our Punchout Integration here.)
  • Search for products by category to stay updated on the latest trends
  • Purchase and replenish products from inventory stores
  • Manage your Portal Store to hold approved products to maintain brand control


Your tool to increase buying
power, improve efficiency,
and reduce rogue spend.
  • Increase brand consistency by collectively buying the same products together
  • Save money by purchasing products your team loves; the more people who join the order, the more you save
  • Reduce the time spent placing orders. GroupBuy collects information from each buyer online and delivers products within a set time frame
  • Eliminate the stress that comes with tracking multiple orders and various drop shipments

“BHCS had over 450 entities all with a version of their approved logo for branding efforts. SWH had 225 logos for their departments. With the renaming efforts in place, we’ve reduced the total number of logos back down to under 350 for the combined BSWH brand. The integration of an online company store for system orders, with a personal order store for individual orders has allowed us easy transition to the new logo format. To offer consistently branded materials across 900 access points in Texas is a great comfort to us, and one less headache that we have to worry about with this historic change.”

Ted Mcafee
Marketing Manager
Baylor Scott & White Health

“Boundless exceeded our expectations. They delivered technology that gave AHA a competitive advantage that both increased our fundraising efforts and reduced cost.”

Mark Love
Senior Vice President
American Heart Association

“We needed a coordinated process for driving brand and product compliance nationwide for Daffodil month. Boundless delivered the solution and managed everything from sourcing product to delivering our brand into the right hands in every location and office in every province.”

Rick Perciante
National Vice President
Canadian Cancer Society

“Boundless and SCI have joined forces to truly break ground in eProcurement software integration. Our program’s success is due to Boundless’ dedication to quality, technical know-how, and industry expertise.”

Rone Luczynsi
Senior Managing Director

“When we made the transition to the Boundless’ solution, there were adjustments just like with any change—but they made it completely worthwhile. Our partners at Boundless went through every step with me and remain an invaluable resource for us.”

Erin Volbeda
Director of Marketing
Encompass Home Health & Hospice