What’s Your Brand ID?

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When you are selecting your branded merchandise- whether it’s for established customers, new clients, or employees – do you approach it as a task to check off your list?  Or do you approach it as a strategic marketing decision that communicates really important information to really important people?

Sure, you know that a branded giveaway says a lot about your company, but are you really taking the time to think about your brand and how you can use a giveaway or gift to reinforce (or change) they way people think about you?

You’ve got thousands of options, but it all comes back to creating a promotional product strategy that supports the story you want to tell the world about your company or organization. And every company does have their own persona and unique story to tell.

Let’s take a look at three different brand identities and some products and apparel that send the right message:

Brand ID: Laid Back

Companies with a laid back brand id don’t take themselves too seriously. Often times their messaging is casual and you think of them almost as your friend. Some examples would be REI, Target, and most beer breweries. If your brand identifies as laid back, think about products for relaxing and having a good time. Kick back with these chill pieces:

laid back products
Roots73 Riverside Hoodie & Campster Craft Cooler

Brand ID: Sophisticated

Companies with a sophisticated brand id tend to focus on sleek designs and tend to keep it simple in terms of their messaging. Brands like Nike, Apple, and luxury car retailers exemplify this brand id. Think in terms of the classics with products that never go out of style. These timeless gifts keep it classy for your sophisticated brands:

Leather Binder Gift Set & Modena Wine Gift Set

Brand ID: Modern

Companies with a modern brand id are trend setter, innovators and their messaging tends to be inspirational in nature.  Think Tesla, Google, IBM. Your brand is in tune with the latest trends, so make a statement with the latest in tech and Bluetooth audio. These pieces have plenty of wow-factor:

VR Headset w/ Headphones & Wireless Bluetooth Earbuds

The Bottom Line

Ultimately, the goal is to choose a piece that people are going to notice – something that establishes or reinforces a brand and makes the recipient feel special. And by knowing your brand id, you can choose a product that is cohesive with your messaging and personality.

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