What Does Your Deco Say About You?

Choosing the right decoration method is just as important as choosing the right product.

Every time you put your logo, or brand, out into the world, you’re saying “This is who we are.” That’s why choosing a promotional product as a gift or giveaway is an important marketing decision.

It’s equally important to consider the way your logo will look on the product. There are tons of decoration methods out there and each one has a distinct personality.

From laid-back tech start-ups to conservative financial institutions, every company can find decoration that delivers the look and feel they’re going for.

Let’s dig into some of the most popular methods and call out the corresponding brand personalities.

Transfer and Silkscreen

The Look: Methods like silkscreen and transfer highlight your logo in vivid color on bags, pens, drinkware, technology items and accessories. Available in single or multi-color, it’s an economical way to gain high visibility.


The Look: Laser engraving gives your logo a clean, distinguished appearance by precisely etching the artwork into the material’s surface.

Deboss and Color Stamping

The Look: Deboss and color stamping leave a subtle and elegant impression of your logo in a material’s surface. Very classy.


The Look: This traditional method of decorating material with need and thread is an all-time classic.


The Look: Available on everything from coolers, totes and backpacks to most of our apparel, HXD combines the best attributes of two methods – the surface interest and high perceived value of embroidery, and the exceptional detail, unlimited color and location versatility of transfer. And HXD is remarkably durable, as well. The adhesives have been tested to withstand everyday wear and tear, washing machines and dry cleaning.

The Bottom Line

How you put your brand on a product says a lot about you. Select a method that delivers the right message and reflects who you are. Contact your sales rep for more information on decoration methods!

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