How to Use Books to Collect a Library of Brand Love Moments

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As a book lover, book advocate, and devoted member of The Book Company family for more than 10 years, one thing is clear: books are an under-the-radar, yet always appreciated gift.  Educating people on why books have enormous potential as a promotional product is an uphill battle, but definitely one worth fighting for.  Every brand has a story to tell and very few promotional products can tell that story as effectively as a book can.  In an effort to help make the case for books, I want to point out some surprising facts that will convince you to include a customized book as a part of your next promotion!

No matter the industry, books are a great option for enhancing your brand.  First and foremost, there is a book to match any theme or topic.  With more than 3 million titles available there is always an opportunity to align your brand with a story.  You can choose a travel book with page after page of stunning photographs, or perhaps go for a book of inspirational quotes that will motivate the reader to dream big.  A customized business strategy book is a great option for an executive gift, while a puzzle book would be a welcome source of entertainment for the avid traveler.  The opportunities are endless!  What’s more, there are also various price ranges to meet any budget as books can vary from a paperback to a large hand-bound masterpiece.

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As you know, one of the primary objectives of a promotional product is for the recipient to recall the brand and have a positive association with the giveaway.  No product accomplishes this with as much impact as a book.  Books are an ideal promo item because they are long lasting keepsakes that have an ROI that is off the charts.  They are rarely thrown away and are often shared with others.  Just think of the impact of a single book on a coffee table.  It is not only read by the recipient, but also by all of their guests as well.  Unlike traditional promotional items, books are enjoyed for a lifetime!  Books don’t wear-out or shrink in the wash, and they fit everyone and every theme.  Their perceived and sentimental value is often higher than most other categories.  No other product can tug on the heartstrings quite like a good book!

Live Happy Inspirational bookDue to their sentimental nature, one of my favorite uses for a book is as a motivational and inspiration tool.  I can get lost in a book of quotes for hours, and often use quotes I discover in books in my articles and presentations.  By recommending a book to your clients you are telling them that you care about them and you want them to succeed.

Furthermore, in the same way they motivate and inspire, books also touch people in ways other promotional products can’t.  Think about it, books spread knowledge and invite curiosity and interaction.  They are conversation pieces to share with friends, family, or anyone who happens to sit down and flip through the pages.  In the digital age it is easy to get wrapped up in technology, and books are a great way to get away from a computer screen and sit back and relax.

Associating your brand with all of these benefits is easy due to the wide array of customization options.  Books offer space for dramatic and impactful customization.  Promo-Pages can be inserted as the first page and can feature full-color artwork, detailed messaging, photos, contact information and more!  If you want your brand front and center you can also add your logo to the cover or do a fully customized book jacket.  Anything that can be printed on paper can be a part of your promo-page!

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So, are you sold on books yet?  People are buying books in bulk quantities and you are missing out on a huge branding opportunity if you haven’t tapped into this market.  Not sure about where to start or need an idea or two about how books can be used?  The options are really endless.  From company promotions, employee motivation/training, holiday, event/executive gifts to online programs, thank you gifts or conference giveaways, books are an ideal promotional product.  Every brand has a story to tell, and what better way to share it than with a good book!

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