Trendy Products That Are Actually Affordable

It’s no secret that brands who stay on trend are more attractive to consumers. I mean, no one wants to be handed a fidget spinner in 2019! And if you stay up to date with current trends, you’ll be much more likely to receive that highly sought after #BrandLove moment: the moment when the right product meets the right person, and a connection is made.

Now comes the largest misconception: if it’s super trendy, it must be expensive right? Wrong! There are plenty of products that align seamlessly with current trends and are budget friendly. So, with that in mind, here are 3 ultra-trendy giveaways that won’t break your budget!


One of the largest fashion trends at the Fall 2018 Fashion Week was holographic design. With several different designers featuring it on their runways, this trend has only gained in popularity. It’s perceived as fresh, stylish and a whole lot of fun! Retailers everywhere are trying to take advantage of this current trend- specifically for accessories.

(Icing; $29.99)
(ASOS; $40)
(Sies Marjan; $198)









When retail trends can be this expensive, who wouldn’t want a branded holographic tote? This is a perfect example of a classic promo product with a retail twist- and that twist is exactly what will differentiate your brand. This bag was made to be a fan favorite!


With its prevalence in the media, I’m sure you’ve heard the risks that plastic straws bring our environment. In response to this, several cities have “banned” plastic straws in restaurants and bars, and California even passed a state law that bans sit-down restaurants from automatically providing customers with a straw. As a result, reusable straw sales have grown exponentially over the last year, and now your brand can jump on this trend.

Make sure your audience is always prepared with a reusable straw that attaches to their key-chain. This promo product will show your audience that you care about the environment and are standing up for a cause. In fact, 87% of consumers will have a more positive image of a company that supports social or environmental issues (Forbes). Seriously, this straw is a game changer- especially for those on the West Coast.


This 80s/90s trend made a huge comeback in 2018 and a year later it still isn’t letting up! Women love the nostalgia scrunchies bring and younger girls enjoy the fun designs. Pass scrunchies out at your next 5K to help women keep their hair back or give them to your employees as a fun appreciation gift (Teacher/Nurse Appreciation Week is calling your name!). With such a fun accessory, almost anything is possible!


Giveaways don’t have to be boring, and they certainly don’t have to break the bank! Consumers love being loyal to trendy and progressive companies, and you can prove that’s exactly who you are through promotional products. Once you build that brand love moment, the rest will be history.

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