Tips for Elevated Packaging

There is no magic in magic, it’s all in the details.
-Walt Disney

I love this quote by Walt Disney. He reminds us that the effort we make in fine-tuning the details creates magical moments that will be appreciated and remembered. This is true for so many things that could be considered trivial or common.

Take a Netflix-and-friends soirée, for instance – remember those wonderful bygone times before quarantine?

It’s easy enough to order takeout when friends come over to watch the newest hit show. Now, transform the event into a dinner party – the host delivers a feast on a beautiful table setting with flowers, a curated dinner playlist, and a thoughtful menu. These fine-tuned details make for a special occasion, and the food tastes better too. Guests feel appreciated and feel a desire to stay and enjoy the space created just for them.

Details are an important element of gift giving, too!

Let’s Unwrap This

As one of our most treasured traditions for centuries (especially around the holidays), consider the ceremony of slowly unwrapping a gift. While the obvious purpose of packaging is to conceal the gift inside until just the right moment, it also gives opportunity to demonstrate thoughtfulness, create anticipation, and elevate value.

This season is a great chance to consider the details as you create the perfect package to deliver your holiday gifts.

Packaging Beyond the Brown Box

There is no doubt that custom full-color boxes are trending right now. They give you a canvas to showcase your brand and creativity. While they certainly impress, longer lead times or cost may have you looking for alternatives.

Turnkey gift sets have been carefully curated ahead of time, perfect for last minute ideas. You can have a lot of fun with all the theme options, from sweater weather to picnic perfection, from a cozy night in to an outdoor adventure

Consider packaging a gift inside another gift. Add a t-shirt and tumbler into a soft-sided Igloo cooler or a savory snack tucked into a camper mug. Any style bag or drinkware item can quickly become your ‘gift bag’ and another usable item that will be kept, used, and appreciated! The options are limitless.

Decorating the exterior of a standard shipper box is also a great option to bring an immediate smile to the receiver before they even open the package. Use custom packing tape or playful stickers to convey cheer. You can also screenprint your logo or holiday sentiment on the outside of a standard shipper box.

Brilliant Enhancements

Make your gift shine with festive crinkle, holiday ribbons, and personalized greeting cards. This is where the special touches really make an impact.

Crinkle and tissue come in all types of colors and finishes, from craft or white to metallic iridescent blends. Mix and match to create a festive unboxing experience. Ribbons are a luxurious option to give that extra polish. Traditional satin ribbons have gotten a retail upgrade with sleek matte, metallic foil, sparkle, and full-color imprints. 

One of the most important elements to any gift is the message. Include a flat or folded card that lets the recipient know who the gift is from (they’ll want to know who to thank!) and why they are receiving it. Pro tip: explain why the specific gift(s) were chosen within the message. Giving a blanket? Let them know you hope they stay cozy and relaxed this holiday season.

There are many opportunities to creatively package and deliver an amazing experience to your recipient’s doorstep. Keep in mind the purpose behind the presentation – to show that you value the act of giving and that you care about the recipient. With these details in mind, there should be a little magic made in transit!

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