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8 Corporate Gift Ideas That Will Blow Your Guests Away

Is your brand ready for the hectic holiday season with a corporate gift strategy? While your team is busy prepping for the end of the year, don’t overlook one of the juiciest marketing opportunities of Q4: end-of-year gifting.  When you give a tangible gift to employees, clients, or potential customers, you’re creating an immediate sense […]

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How Technology Can Help Customize Branded Products

Promotional products bring plenty of value to the table for brands. But if you’re new to branded products, you might think that you’re doomed to share generalized, boring swag with your audience.  Fortunately, that couldn’t be further from the truth. You can create hyper-personalized customer experiences with digital strategies, right? You can use similar principles […]

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5 tips for a successful corporate event

Let’s be honest: your employees don’t want to sit through hour-long PowerPoint presentations. While some corporate events can certainly pull off long presentations, they usually don’t have the spark or fire behind them to actually motivate, educate, or connect with your attendees.  The goal of any event — corporate events included — is to make […]

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Update: Product Supply Chain and the Holiday Squeeze

Previously published blog post on product supply chain here. On the product supply chain As we look towards the final months of 2021 and the holiday season, we see a continued strain on our industry’s product supply chain that will remain critical. The instability is a direct result of “a dramatic lack of [freight] capacity […]

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7 Mistakes to Avoid When Buying Promotional Products

Ready to get and stay ahead of your competition? Promotional products have a ton of staying power — up to two years in some cases. Your boss wants you to achieve insane ROI from your marketing resources, and branded products are a powerful way to make a statement. But with great power comes great responsibility. […]

How to Choose Promotional Products that Generate Brand Buzz

Want to cut through the digital clutter of viral dances, selfies, and competitor content? The answer isn’t to funnel more money into digital ads, at least not as a standalone singular tactic. There are other ways to reach your audience that are simply more effective at cutting through the noise. You can earn more mindshare […]

4 Ways Promotional Products Deliver Value

Digital marketing is everyone’s go-to for connecting with consumers. After all, aren’t real-world strategies like promo items going out of style?  Not at all! Whether you’re a Fortune 500 juggernaut or a mom-and-pop shop, promotional products deliver a lot of value to your business. You don’t have to stop investing in digital to benefit from […]