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Inside Boundless: What Pride Means to Me

In Honor of Pride Month… This one goes out to all the Lindsays and Samanthas out there. Imagine for a second you’re me, and you’re walking into the cafeteria of the new middle school in the new town that you just moved to mid-semester. In a larger school, you might have gone unnoticed, but this […]

Bringing “Lite” to Founders’ Circle

Every year, we host our annual Founders’ Circle, an event that’s more than just a sales conference. It’s the one time of year when the Boundless corporate employees and our incredible nationwide salesfolk descend upon beautiful downtown Austin and celebrate the previous year’s accomplishments with cheer and camaraderie. In the spirit of maintaining those bright […]

5 Ways Our Preferred Partners “Contribucate” to Our Success

There are thousands of suppliers and tens of thousands of products in our industry – how do we choose the best partner and product in support of our clients’ marketing initiatives? How do we find a better way to “do” promotional products? Enter the Boundless Preferred Supplier Program, a program that leverages trusted partners who […]

Customization and Millennials

Just twenty years ago customization in the consumer and product world didn’t go far beyond, “What color t-shirt do you want?” (With one or two styles to choose from) Or, “What kind of TV dinner do you want: one with a brownie or with fruit?” (Always go for the brownie.) Gone are the days where […]

Vacation Survival Guide – Let’s Cruise!

Vacation season is fast approaching and I love to travel. Then again, who doesn’t? I am a firm believer in taking time away from home and office to recharge the soul. And I have a confession to make. I am addicted to cruising. Yes, I am one of those crazy ladies who just can’t stop […]

Boundless Found Its Stride at the Cap10K!

  Running For a Good Cause The Cap10K race is an annual event sponsored by Austin Statesman and Baylor Scott & White Health that the Boundless team looks forward to participating in each year. Proceeds from the race help support local non-profit organizations—this year’s race beneficiary was The Trail Foundation, supporting the city of Austin’s […]

Founders’ Circle 2016: Discover. Build. #BrandLove.

Sales Affiliates. Preferred Supply Partners. Boundless Corporate. All gather in our home base of Austin, TX every year for our national sales meeting – the one event that manages to bring us together from all corners of North America. This year’s event took place March 22-24 in a hill-country resort outside of Austin and centered […]

Sales Team Profile: Ed Sallie

Ed Sallie talks about life as a pro golfer, making friends with astronauts, and how a call from Samuel L. Jackson opened the door into the promotional products industry. I had the great pleasure of talking to one of Boundless’ fantastic Sales Affiliates, Ed Sallie. Ed has been a part of the Boundless family for […]

Customer-Driven Innovation – 4 Strategies to Make it Happen

In our ever-changing world, there is naturally a lot of talk about innovation and the need to innovate to stay relevant, or even to stay alive. There is less said about how to actually do it. Below are four of the strategies (plus one hidden bonus strategy), that we use at Boundless to drive continuous […]

To Brand or Not to Brand: The Impact of Unbranded Gifts

The nuances of the promotional products industry tend to be difficult for most people to navigate, with tons of moving parts and partnerships that intersect to make what we do happen—deliver customized products to clients and their target audience. Boundless’ “middle man” role tends to make this even more complicated, so the average person (or […]