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Customer-Driven Innovation – 4 Strategies to Make it Happen

In our ever-changing world, there is naturally a lot of talk about innovation and the need to innovate to stay relevant, or even to stay alive. There is less said about how to actually do it. Below are four of the strategies (plus one hidden bonus strategy), that we use at Boundless to drive continuous […]

To Brand or Not to Brand: The Impact of Unbranded Gifts

The nuances of the promotional products industry tend to be difficult for most people to navigate, with tons of moving parts and partnerships that intersect to make what we do happen—deliver customized products to clients and their target audience. Boundless’ “middle man” role tends to make this even more complicated, so the average person (or […]

5 Challenges of a Successful Corporate Wellness Program [and how to solve them]

In light of all the new technology and health trends of 2016, we are excited to share this special guest post from LogoIncluded’s Jayde Crowe, an expert in wellness and tech promotional products! It’s no secret that corporate wellness programs are on the rise. According to a 2015 report from the Society for Human Resource […]

Automating Our Lives: Human vs Machine

Today’s world is spun by advancements in technology. It’s not the future we predicted 20 years ago with flying cars, no, not yet. But it feels like we are knocking on the door. Elon Musk of Tesla tweeted earlier this year that his self-driving car technology is just two years away. And he’s not the […]

Anything-As-A-Service – Even Promotional Products? Part II

In my prior blog post about Anything-as-a-Service, I covered the recent trend of offering pretty much anything as a subscription service, from email marketing to enterprise infrastructure to lawn maintenance. It makes sense in almost every aspect of business. Why would I want to own “X” when all I want is the utility, or the […]

Anything-as-a-Service – Even Promotional Products? Part I

Increasingly we live in a subscription-based world, where we subscribe to everything from music to movies to shaving supplies. Many argue that we are in the midst of a fundamental shift from a product-based economy to a subscription-based economy. When are we going to see promotions-as-a-service? Probably sooner than you think… While it may sound […]

Back to the Future: Today’s Technology & Promo Products

Today’s the day: Marty McFly traveled forward to October 21st, 2015 on movie screens everywhere just under thirty years ago. Emerging from the illustrious DeLorean, he was treated to an outrageous view of the future where technology thrives. But what is the significance of Steven Spielberg’s predictions of the future technology? (Source: Backtothefuture.com) While Back […]

The Digital Revolution & How It Affects the Promotional World

According to eMarketer, adults are spending nearly six hours per day engaging in digital media. In 2014, 23% of American adults spent more time with mobile in an average day than they did the year prior. As of two years ago, Americans were predicted to spend more time using digital media than watching TV for […]

Millennials: Your Customers or Your Marketers?

One of the things I love most about working at Boundless is that the company is constantly moving forward―always innovating in an effort to reach new audiences. I have the pleasure of being on the frontlines of this innovation, building and customizing personalized stores for an ever-expanding clientele. As a Millennial, I have a unique […]