To Spin or not to Spin

Don’t worry, you’re safe!

Were you a little uneasy about the two fidget spinners we sent you? While there are somefidget spinners out there that are being irresponsibly made by suppliers, at Boundless sourcing products that are compliant and meet industry regulations is important to us. That being said, the two fidget spinners you received were both from our Transparent Product Catalog and completely safe.

We believe transparency into the products you put your brand on should be intuitive. That’s why we provide visibility into the safety of the products we source and give you access into product safety documentation, in addition to any social responsibility, environmental responsibility and supply chain security information.

About Boundless

We know that one size does not fit all. That’s why we work with you to create custom solutions and branded merchandise programs that meet your needs. We also recognize that more often than not, there lacks a connection between marketing and procurement when it comes to branded merchandise spend. At Boundless, we help bridge the gap between these two teams to create branded solutions that both departments will love.

From custom, branded online-stores to help marketing retain control of the brand while connecting various buyers throughout the organization, to integrating with Coupa and ERP systems that allow procurement the reporting and visibility they desire; we’ll make your job (and life) easier with our creative expertise and proprietary technology. Just think of us as your very own marketing agency, with a branded merchandise focus.

Boundless’ experience lies within a variety of industries with focus on helping organizations with: uniforms, corporate gifts, awards/recognition, tradeshows/events and recruiting programs. Click here to see some of our creative solutions and success stories!