Save money. Gain visibility into spend and reporting.

Spend Management

Are you trying to establish the ROI on your promotional spend? Analyzing costs and details from previous orders? Boundless makes it easy for you to gain visibility into spend and get reporting at your fingertips. We provide real-time access to data for ALL orders – whether they were placed online or offline—which you can access to gain insight into order history and invoicing for budgetary purposes, review details and costs from any order your organization has ever placed, and use the data to help measure ROI and make ordering more strategic. We will also provide tracking, regular reports, and business reviews to make sure the goals we collectively set are being met. And as the program evolves over time, we will better understand how your organization is using promotional products and can implement more advanced ways or new programs to help you achieve even better results.

Technology Toolkit

Your marketing buyers are constantly looking for new, creative promotions, ways to share ideas, or to find the best prize for what they need. Meet Portal – our core technology and your gateway to the Boundless experience. Portal is your buyers’ central hub for browsing, sharing, and collaborating. Make buyers’ lives easier through tools such as Idea Books and Projects that make sourcing promotional products fun and easy, as well as insightful features such as reports and order tracking to provide visibility into your order history and spending habits. They can even check out recent buys within the industry to see what’s trending. Portal is a one-stop shop where your team can collaborate, share ideas, and find the perfect product for their needs. Boundless’ creative resources are just a call or email away for more challenging requests.

Buyer Adoption

Once your Portal is set up, we’ll begin our ongoing buyer adoption process to unite all the stakeholders in your organization. Buyer adoption is key; without it you cannot achieve real control of budgets or brand. That’s why everything we do empowers buyers, so you can reap the benefits. We’ll work with you to reduce production and labor costs while increasing visibility into how and where your budget is being spent. Our process offers you brand protection and consistency, with the flexibility to adjust as needed. Boundless’ technology helps you with brand maintenance, verification of quality control, purchasing habits and trend insights, and cost reduction.

Transparent Supply Chain

Equally as important as the products themselves is their history. Where were the products sourced? Do they meet product safety and quality certifications? Are they manufactured in a socially compliant way? Do they put your organization at risk? We recognize that products are an extension of your brand, so it’s important to avoid regulatory risks or product recalls and keep your brand safe. At Boundless, we want you to have total confidence in the products you use. We believe providing safe and responsibly made promotional products is an essential part of doing business, especially since your brand is on the line. That’s why we’ve launched the industry’s first transparent product catalog to provide complete insight into where our products come from and how they’re made. Interested? Learn more about our Product Transparency Pledge and our commitment to corporate social responsibility.