With the upcoming release of the much-anticipated Dark Souls III game, Bandai Namco reached out to their Boundless team to create a collector’s edition for loyal, enthusiastic franchise fans.  To meet the project’s goals of generating excitement and sparking a connection with fans, the game was created with specific items that were unique to these editions.

With a widely-successful launch of the original Dark Souls collector’s edition, we partnered with the game’s creative team to elevate the second collector’s edition by creating a custom figurine gift set. The special collector’s edition of Dark Souls and Dark Souls II was a global project that spanned North America, Europe, and Asia. By strategically tying the collector’s edition launch to the game’s retail launch, the items quickly sold out within the first 2 weeks.

The highly desired collector’s edition came with: custom designed figurines, a metal game case, cloth game map, CD soundtrack, full-color art book and full color o-sleeve to slip on the game box.

With the worldwide gaming population at nearly two billion, the importance of connecting with a game’s target audience is crucial.  What better way to spread Brand Love than by recognizing and rewarding the fans who have supported and popularized your game? By giving fans something that was completely custom and unique, Brandi Namco showed their appreciation and strengthened their relationship with fans while also growing interest for future games.