PIRCH is a fast-growing kitchen, bath, and outdoor showroom company, expanding at a rate of three stores per year across the US. A large part of the unique PIRCH shopping experience is the atmosphere and culture of their showrooms. PIRCH needed an easy and streamlined way of ordering the perfect products that matched their company motto: “Live Joyfully.” PIRCH had been using a range of vendors to service their promotional needs and was looking for a better way to manage their promotional strategy.

PIRCH needed a partner to help them permeate their showroom experience with products that represented their brand—and a more efficient way to do it. This, along with the fact that the Boundless and PIRCH company missions align, made a partnership with Boundless a perfect match. Read on to see how we worked together to find the perfect products for PIRCH stores and ensure 100% adoption of their Portal solution, empowering individual buyers while upholding brand guidelines.