What better way to spread brand love than with a new twist on a quintessential family favorite – MGM’s very own version of Monopoly! Boundless collaborated with MGM to create MGM-opoly, which includes a custom board, player pawns, and content for all of the “chance” cards. The game has since taken on a life of its own, spawning an online version and additional special editions coming soon.

MGM-opoly has proven to be a valuable way for MGM to create awareness of the various properties in their portfolio. As we all know, a good game of Monopoly can last for hours. The MGM-opoly game board represents all of the hotel properties in their portfolio and the players have a chance to “buy” the iconic Bellagio, Circus Circus, Mandalay Bay, etc. And while time is spent playing, MGM-opoly gets invaluable visibility in front of their prospective clients—talk about a great value in terms of cost per impression! Not to mention, the brand is being associated with feel-good family fun that will build memories that will last far longer than the duration of the game.