Each year, Time Warner Cable Business Class rolls out a new incentive program to motivate its Account Executives, keep morale high, and grow sales. Armed with creative ideas and the right resources, Boundless proposed a one-of-a-kind custom solution that we named the “High Roller.” This casino-themed award was designed to accommodate additive enhancements so that each time an Account Executive met their goal for the month, they received ten Time Warner-branded poker chips. To keep the program exciting, Boundless also provided branded High Roller-themed monthly reminders, such as tumblers, post-it notes, and USB drives.

The program ran for a year and experienced great success. At the start of the program, management had estimated they would need to recognize 75 Account Executives for exceeding their sales goals. By the end of the year, nearly 100 team members earned a High Roller award for exceeding their monthly goals. The key to the success of this program lies in the specific attention paid to the personalities and needs of the individual users. With each chip an Account Executive receives, he or she is filled with a sense of recognition and pride in their work, knowing they’ve contributed to a larger team goal.