I need a bunch and I want a volume discount price.
Primary Goal: To buy a larger quantity (24+) of Komen branded products.

Use Cases:
  • 200 Water Bottles for Race Team Captain gifts
  • 50 journals to keep in the office as volunteer gifts
  • 500 t-shirts for event participants/volunteers

  • Larger Quantity

    Volume Discount Portal

    I don’t need much. I only need a few at a reduced price.
    Primary Goal: To buy a small quantity (>24) of Komen branded products.

    Use Cases:
  • 5 ties for a Pink Tie Guy event
  • 10 journals to give to board members
  • 2 polos for staff to wear to an event

  • Smaller Quantity

    Retail Store

    I want to get in on exclusive monthly deals.
    Primary Goal: To join in with other Affiliates & HQ on seasonal deals to get a big volume discount.

    Use Cases:
  • 80 Affiliates & HQ need pink ribbon stickers
  • 45 Affiliates need die-cut ribbons for October fundraisers
  • 17 Affiliates need Komen pink ribbon table covers for event booths

  • GroupBuy

    I want educational materials to give away.
    Primary Goal: To have materials on hand to inform my community about breast cancer.

    Use Cases:
  • 250 Breast Self-Awareness Messages cards in Spanish for my Latina community
  • Download FREE PDF of Facts for Life fact sheet on Metastatic Breast Cancer

  • Educational Materials