Our 5 Favorite Products from the PPAI Expo

As most of you know, Boundless went to the PPAI Expo in Vegas two weeks ago. We learned all about the current trends and saw every new product on the block. After difficult elimination, we have solidified our top 5 favorite products. These products and collections are trendy, fun and most importantly, they get us excited about promotional products!



There is a multitude of different smartphone accessories nowadays, but have you heard of the CLCKR? It attaches to the back of your phone and can act as a horizontal or vertical stand while also providing an easy way to carry your phone. The best part is that it’s slim enough to allow for wireless charging! I put my CLCKR on last week, and it totally changed the game. It comes in several different colors, so check it out here and reach out to your sales rep to learn more.

2. The Corduroy Collection

corduroy collection

This ‘70s trend is making a comeback in 2020! The old-fashioned texture combined with today’s trendy colors creates the ultimate products that everyone wants. And don’t be fooled…the picture above only shows a fraction of the collection. There are over 30 corduroy products ranging from bags to pillows to aprons and more. See for yourself here!

3. Dirty Cookie

cookie shot glass

Just ignore the name of this, because it is anything but dirty. This heavenly cookie is shaped like a shot glass and allows for any liquid to be poured in it. Milk, Baileys, the options are endless. You can even brand the cookie with an edible sticker so your audience will know exactly who to thank. Take our word for it, the cookie tastes as good as it looks!

4. Dip Trip

dip trip

Chicken nuggets, veggie nuggets, even nuggets of gold- everyone loves a good nugget. However, we all know that a nugget’s best friend is the sauce that you dip it in. Isn’t it disappointing when you eat in the car and are too afraid to open a sauce with the fear that it will spill? Fear no more with the Dip Trip! This unique product is everything we want 2020 to be: silly, fun, fearless, and full of nuggets. Choose your favorite dipping sauce (I’m looking at you ranch!) and we’ll see you on the road.

5. The MiiR Collection

miir collection

It appears that eco-friendly initiatives are a never-ending trend, and that’s for good reason. Miir is a certified B Corporation which means they have to meet rigorous standards of social and environmental performance, accountability, and transparency.  They set aside a portion of revenue to fund projects focused on clean water, a healthy environment and strong communities.

Several companies have give-back programs so what make’s MiiR’s different? Every single one of their products includes an individual Give Code™ that your audience can enter on the website. It will then show how that specific product is impacting the world, and you can follow along for project updates! Make a difference in the world with the MiiR collection.

Contact your sales rep for quotes, mock-ups, or any other questions regarding these products, and check out the idea book here.