Finding Success in 2020

For many in our industry, the unforeseen events of 2020 have led many to pursue adaptability in order to realize continued success. While we can’t control our global situation, we can be flexible, we can practice new mantras, we can pivot, and we can focus on change for the better.

Many of our salesfolk have done well in adapting to the current climate. We wanted to share a few of their experiences in order to provide helpful insight, direction, and motivation to those who may need a little encouragement. This week, we had the wonderful opportunity to chat with two of our Branding Consultants and discuss how COVID-19 has affected their respective businesses, as well as how they’ve managed to find continued success through it all.

Andrea Pereira works from home in southern California alongside her two dogs, Max and Charlotte (a yorkie-poodle and yorkie-chihuahua, respectively). Max and Charlotte get Andrea moving in the morning, keep her in check throughout the day, and make sure she is constantly striving for new business and reaching out to clients. They accept treats in exchange for their motivational prowess.

Andrea has navigated the change in business due to current events by always thinking proactively and dealing with the immediate first. She highlights the importance of showcasing her talent not as a seller of products, but as a brand consultant, advocate, and storyteller. She places her professional focus on being the creative brain for her clients, not just a salesperson. 

“Are you thinking for your clients and their strategies, or are you thinking of selling something?” she asks.

Andrea believes her continued success in 2020 is a result of recognizing the importance of marketing. “Promo people are a commodity,” Andrea says, “but creatives are always in demand.” Like us here at Boundless, Andrea and Rocket Science Branding strive for non-complacency, flexibility, and confidence.

A Texas native, Bonnie Shackelford believes that purposeful marketing pieces, a strong supplier base, and wonderful customer service are keys to success in 2020. 

“As my business is very much tied to events, I was very nervous at the onset of COVID,” she says. “But you can’t just shut down. You’ve got to get up and keep going.”

Bonnie believes her business success in 2020 is due in large part to the availability and marketing of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE). “Although I felt guilty calling clients to solicit business during this crazy time, efforts centered on PPE really helped to re-instill that we are here to help, and not just selling product. PPE has been huge.”

Bonnie is a lover of family, travel, exercise, shopping, and her pooch (who is also a grandmother), Bailey. This September marks her 36th wedding anniversary, an amazing accomplishment that only adds to her continued success in 2020.

We are so proud to work alongside these and other persistent and dedicated Brand Consultants. Keep a lookout for other helpful experiences from other Boundless Brand Consultants, coming soon to the Spark Blog!

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