Favorite Staff Picks!

As we embrace the new product trends of 2021 and celebrate Brand Love Week, we decided to ask our employees and our ever-creative Brand Consultants which promotional products they love most!

Sock 101 Fuzzy Socks – D’Shene C.

My comfort starts from the feet up. Finding that perfect functional item that gives you a sense of peace, tranquility, and a true happy moment is extremely important to me. These fuzzy socks give me life.

Sandvertiser – Ellen A.

The Sandvertiser is a great stress reliever. I like to watch the sand flow through the logo, and it doubles as a paperweight! 

Elemental Tumbler – Amber G.

I use it EVERY DAY and I absolutely LOVE the ceramic lid. I also love that the company is minority-owned and “newer” to our industry!

Full Color Zip Canoe – Erin M.

I love the Full Color Process Canoe (zippered pouch) because it can be used for so many things – tech accessories, pencil/pen case, make up case, etc.  And, it can be decorated in full color so the sky’s the limit when it comes to imprint area. 

Meater Original – Jonathan W.

As a new Austin transplant I believe it’s an important “survival tool” to have!

High Quality Drinkware – Andrea P.

From a healthy lifestyle to sustainability and reducing plastic waste, I think a quality water bottle is something every single person at every age needs.

Chocolate Bombs – Kelly K.

A delicious way to get your message across and show love to your recipient!

Ice Cream Sleeve – Rixie M.

It is inexpensive, FUN (especially with the right artwork or pattern), and unexpected!

Sharpie S-Gel Pen – Team T3

It looks great, feels great in your hand, and writes smooth with no bleed.

Hive True Wireless Surround Sound Speaker – Team T3

Love this speaker. I currently have five and use them around the house or outside on our deck when needed but would be great for a conference or work event where participants can connect and enhance the vibes.

Lite Ring – Neal S.

You can use the ring light on your computer, tablet or mobile phone and it brightens up your face in a professional manner for video calls.  This ring light has 3 brightness settings and a strobe setting for when you want to turn your office into a nightclub after hours!

Classic Crew Neck T-Shirt – Kevin Q.

T-shirts are not only a want, but a need. They make great bedtime apparel for ladies, may be torn into strips to create a torch when exploring a cave, and can even be used as a flotation device if you are lost at sea.

Heart-Shaped Cutting Board – Vicki T.

I package them with a kitchen tool and  a recipe card for a family favorite meatloaf. The heart board has that “home is where the heart is” feeling. It is going to be happily received as a warm, comfortable, from the heart, and useful gift.

Tech Ring Light – Joe R.

So many people are on these types of virtual meetings and Zoom meetings that it has become an issue if you’re not well lit. So get lit!

Matador Transit Tote – Noel G.

Good size, multi-functional, and waterproof! I use it for groceries, but it’s nice enough as a carry-on bag or business tote.


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