Experiential Marketing: Event Gifting

Sometimes a simple gift doesn’t express how much you appreciate your employees, clients, and anyone else who helps the success of your business. Instead, invite them to a unique event that immerses them in your brand and sends them home with a handpicked, name-brand present.

What is Event Gifting?

Event gifting rewards attendees with a personalized gifting experience. They can look at, sample, and interact with products before choosing one to keep. It creates a memorable experience and sparks a connection with your brand in an event environment. There are even several name brands that you can partner with, causing a higher perceived value of the event!

Why Event Gifting Works!

You may be thinking that organizing an entire event just to give away gifts seems excessive, but it offers additional benefits that predetermined gifts just don’t do. First of all, everyone that attends will be in the midst of experiential marketing. They will be exposed to your brand for the duration of the event which creates remarkable brand awareness. Better yet, 74% of event attendees say they have a more positive opinion about the company, brand, or product being promoted after the event (EMI & Mosaic).

Additionally, what do consumers do when they are at events? Take pictures, of course! 98% of consumers create digital or social content at events and experiences, and 100% of those consumers share their content (EventTrack). That word-of-mouth brand awareness is priceless for your brand.

Different Ways to Use Event Gifting!

There are several ways to incorporate event gifting for an impactful and lasting brand connection. First, you can include at your next event and have your attendees choose their favorite promotional product. Think about how much more impactful it is for guests to choose from a variety of high-value retail products instead of being handed one as they enter. Therefore, products will be used more frequently since each attendee receives one that they actually want and chose.

You can also host an event where the main feature is event gifting. This may be to show appreciation to employees or clients alike. Boundless put this to the test and held a Nike event gifting experience in Phoenix, Arizona. We had sales reps invite some of their top clients who came and received a “gift card” to purchase what they liked. The goal for this particular experience was to show these top clients Nike’s newest line along with great ideas for branding the products. Clients simultaneously created a memory with Nike and Boundless as they went around looking at the new products. You can easily forget being handed a free bag, but would you forget learning about the entire product line before choosing your gift?

Online Event Gifting!

Don’t want to host an entire event? No problem! Web redemption allows your guests to select the gift of their choice online. While the experience won’t be the same as an in-person event, the custom gift they receive will still trigger the emotional connection with your brand.

Partner with well-known brands!

There are some major retail brands that you can choose for your gifting event: Ray-Ban, Oakley, Fossil, Michael Kors, S’well, and more! Consumers tend to think higher of retail products, so partnering with one of these brands only adds positive value to your gifts.

When to use Event Gifting?

There are an infinite number of ways for your brand to capitalize on event gifting. Holiday gifts for your employees? Yes please! Nurse or teacher appreciation week? Absolutely! Want to show appreciation to your clients? These custom gifts do exactly that. Whoever your brand wants to reward is sure to love this unique experience!

Event gifting is a great way to build excitement and create an experience for the attendees. While they get to pick out a free gift, you get to spark an emotional connection and form a memory that they won’t forget.

Contact your sales rep if you are interested in hosting a gifting experience!

Jaclyn Maneri

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