Which Trending Color Collection Fits Your Brand? [QUIZ]

Remember mood rings? When we wore them back in the 90s, the color of the ring changed depending on our individual mood – blue for relaxed, yellow for nervous, green for romantic, and so on. 

Just as the color of a mood ring can reflect an emotion, so too does your brand color ignite a feeling (in most instances, a call to action) in your brand fans and followers. 

Main brand colors invoke the strongest emotion. Red brands (Coca-Cola, CNN, Nintendo) invoke energy and enthusiasm, and encourage action and confidence. Purple brands (Cadbury, Purple® Mattress, Brach’s) are calming, and encourage creativity and relaxation. Yellow brands (Ferrari, Nikon, National Geographic) stimulate mental stimulation and memory, and encourage communication. 

TRENDY TIP: Maybe your brand isn’t ready for a refresh, and that’s okay. You can still experiment with a trending color collection! Weave popular hues into your seasonal and themed campaigns to keep the look fresh and current, and always consider the emotional ties that color can create with your stakeholders. Which trending color collection fits your brand? Take the quiz below!

Congratulations on your color collection! Whether you’re a bold blend of gray and yellow, an aquamarine intellectual, primed for pastels, or naturally neutral, consider implementing your trending color collection into upcoming projects and campaigns.

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