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4 Key Takeaways from the 2018 Product Responsibility Summit

Product Responsibility seems easy.  Right?  Just do the right thing and everyone will end up with safe, high-quality, responsibly-made products.  It’s like riding a bike – keep pedaling and you’ll eventually get where you need to go. … Except now picture that your bike’s front tire is flat. … And the handlebars are loose. … […]


Key Tariff Takeaways: What to Know for 2019

Transparency is very important to us at Boundless and something we constantly strive to imbue in all our business practices.  Honesty and integrity are built into our company core values and are a personal mission of mine as well.  In my mind, the impact that we have as a business is a direct reflection of […]


3 Conservation Trends Your Brand Should Know

Recycling and conservation have long been buzzwords, but it feels like increasingly our society is focusing on taking action rather than just talking. We’re seeing an increase in conservation efforts both from consumers and companies alike.  So why does this movement matter?  As it continues to gain momentum people are going to change the way […]

Top Trends in Marketing Procurement

  What happens in New Orleans, stays in New Orleans… well this time, we hope not!  The annual ProcureCon Marketing Conference was recently held in New Orleans and brought together over 150 of the best and brightest in marketing procurement, and 50 or so representatives from leading agencies, consultancies, and other suppliers in the marketing […]

When your prada becomes a rada

When your Prada Becomes a rada

You’re in Manhattan and you find yourself on Canal Street, heart racing at the fun, mystery, and negotiations that accompany the search for the perfect knockoff handbag.  For those of you not familiar with Canal Street, it is a part of Chinatown in New York and is famous for housing secret, (but not really secret) […]

To spin or not to spin

To Spin or Not to Spin…

One of the fidget spinners above contains potentially harmful amounts of lead. The other fidget spinner is 100% safe and has been tested and approved to meet industry regulations. Can you tell which fidget spinner is which? Would you be a little hesitant to touch one if you received them? Fidget spinners have recently become […]


What do Walmart, a Handbag, and Kendall Jenner Have in Common?

Lately if feels like there is a new PR scandal every other day that is dominating our social media feeds and taking over the nightly news.  From United Airline’s brutal treatment of a passenger, to Pepsi’s insensitive commercial, it is clear that transparency in business dealings is here to stay.  With the rise of cell […]

From Tchotchkes to Treasures: How We Can and Should Elevate the Promotional Products Industry

Tchotchkes, trinkets, trash, and swag, you’ve probably heard all of the different names for branded merchandise in the industry, most of which can come across as negative and often synonymous with junk.  When I first moved into this industry I will admit that I had a similar mindset.  When I thought of promotional items, I […]

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Global Transparency Trends – Regulatory Risks for your Brand

This blog is part 3 in a series written by Boundless CEO, Henrik Johansson.  In this series he explores global transparency trends in the supply chain, changing consumer attitudes on social responsibility and managing risk for your brand. Imagine this– The event is going a lot better than you had expected.  Everyone seems really excited […]

Global Transparency Trends – The Rise of the Millennial Buyer

Brands that are trying to be something they are not should be worried.  A new generation of consumers and B2B buyers that really care about the purpose of the companies they buy from and work for, combined with a landscape in which brands are increasingly exposed by the people who work for them, are putting […]