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5 Questions on Building a Promotional Marketing Strategy

We’re excited to share a guest post from Clif Jordan from Gemline, one of our preferred partners! Check out Clif’s great insights on considerations for building a promotional marketing strategy. When planning your calendar year keep in mind a serious consideration for promotional marketing. Promotional Products have a proven track record of greater ROI and [...]

Promotions that Make Dollars & Sense for Nonprofit Marketing

This week the Boundless team attended bbcon, the largest nonprofit conference of the year. Hosted in Austin this year, bbcon is organized by Blackbaud, the biggest software provider in the nonprofit sector. Virtually every major nonprofit is a Blackbaud customer and in attendance here this week to learn about how Blackbaud technology can empower nonprofits [...]

5 Key Elements Marketers Need to Identify About Buyer Personas

I recently had the privilege of attending Content Marketing Institute’s Content Marketing World, where I was surrounded by thousands of talented marketers from across the country. Though we all came from different backgrounds and industries, we were gathered at the conference for a common goal: to learn more about how to reach the people we [...]

The Digital Revolution & How It Affects the Promotional World

According to eMarketer, adults are spending nearly six hours per day engaging in digital media. In 2014, 23% of American adults spent more time with mobile in an average day than they did the year prior. As of two years ago, Americans were predicted to spend more time using digital media than watching TV for [...]

Millennials: Your Customers or Your Marketers?

One of the things I love most about working at Boundless is that the company is constantly moving forward―always innovating in an effort to reach new audiences. I have the pleasure of being on the frontlines of this innovation, building and customizing personalized stores for an ever-expanding clientele. As a Millennial, I have a unique [...]

5 Tips for Maintaining Brand Consistency: The Groundwork for Greatness

Brand consistency is the first step on the path to widespread brand recognition. Streamlining the way you talk to your audience, the values you communicate, and how you aesthetically show up are crucial elements that lay the groundwork for greatness. Because after all, the stronger the brand identity, the more likely you are to be [...]

3 Marketing Challenges Every Enterprise Needs to Tackle in 2015

Managing an organization’s identity—establishing who they are, what they do, and building a reputation—can be challenging for any brand marketer at a large organization. The growing demand for multi-channel communications has driven a new range of marketing activities that require a great deal of time and expertise. And marketing efforts carry a great deal of [...]

Making Real Connections with Customers—Part II: B2B

This post is the second in a series of articles about effectively connecting with customers. To read Part I: B2C, click here. Similar to the B2C space, B2B shoppers are increasingly turning to online solutions for their business purchasing needs, but at the same time their expectations for offline experiences are very high (Source: Hybris). [...]

Making Real Connections With Customers – Part I: B2C

Businesses are constantly honing their web presence to meet the demands of their digitally-inclined consumers. But when we examine consumer shopping behavior online vs. offline, we see that there’s more to it than a great website and the ability to make purchases online. Everyone knows that ecommerce maintains a critical role in our retail economy. [...]

Stealing Ideas – The Key to Innovation?

Steve Jobs famously referenced another great artist in a 1996 interview: "Picasso had a saying -- 'good artists copy; great artists steal' -- and we have always been shameless about stealing great ideas." Recently I attended an event to allow others to steal my ideas, and to steal some for myself.  I was invited to [...]
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