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Activate your Brand With Activewear

When looking in your closet, do you prefer a nice, stylish outfit or your staple tee and joggers? Now more than ever, trends are pointing towards comfortable and versatile clothes over those that are strictly made for style.  Luckily, the activewear trend that has quickly gained momentum, provides the best of both worlds. Did you [...]
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HHP promos

Promotions with a Purpose: HHP

It’s true.  Your Gen Z and Millennial customers are tired of throwaway swag and impractical gadgets.  They want cool, useful products that tell a story, improve the world, and stand apart from the crowd.  Social impact items enhance brand awareness, boost employee engagement and help make a positive impact on society. Here at HHP we’ve [...]
Direct Mail

Direct Mail is Not Dead

If you are a sales professional (in any industry), odds are you are challenged with prospecting and ensuring your pipeline is full of new leads.  The most common prospecting methodology uses a multi-channel approach, a combination of: cold calling, social spamming (emails and/or targeted advertisements), and direct mail.  And although direct mail can have a [...]
social media

Social Media: Scary Awesome or Just Plain Scary?

Browse through any social media platform and it is easy to see that social media marketing has arrived.  Brands like Nike, H&M, and Google have millions of followers and entire teams of experts generating thoughtful and engaging content.  If you are a small business owner or work on a lean marketing team, maintaining social media [...]
bad gift

3 Ways to Keep Your Giveaways Out of the Trash

We know consumers of all ages love promotional products- after all, who doesn’t love receiving something for free?  Giveaways do a great job of getting someone's attention, but over time the novelty of a giveaway can eventually wear off, especially when the value of the product is perceived to be low. Branded giveaways, when done [...]
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Merry and bright

Merry & Bright: The 2018 Holiday Lookbook

As soon as autumn leaves begin to change and the air achieves that familiar crispness, we’re hit with the hard and fast realization (maybe even mid-pumpkin spice latte) that the gift-giving season is upon us. The holidays are a warm and wonderful time to acknowledge your colleagues, give thanks for your friends and family, and [...]

2018 Fall Apparel & Accessories Trend Report

"What’s trending?" It’s the question we are asked the most and one that is difficult to answer, particularly when speaking to apparel.  Retail trends are constantly shifting and influencing branded apparel, which in turn shapes demand from savvy customers who want to sport the latest and greatest trends.  On top of that, your uniforms and [...]
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Turn Fans into Fanatics with Tailgate Accessories

It used to be that a tailgate party simply consisted of a six-pack and some hot dogs in the stadium parking lot.  But fast forward to today and tailgating is its own event where people are willing to spend big to make their game day parties memorable.  In fact, up to $12 billion is spent [...]
productivity promoters

Promote Productivity (And Your Brand!)

Branded office accessories are a great way to help your target audience stay organized and de-stress in their workplace while providing some serious exposure to your brand and services.  Not only that, since office accessories are super useful these products have staying power and will be kept and used for months or even years down [...]
hip hop artists

3 Marketing Lessons We Can Learn from Hip Hop Artists

I think we can all agree that it is an incredible time to be a fan of music.  Massive libraries of songs are more accessible than ever thanks to streaming services like Spotify and Tidal.  On these streaming services we have access to almost every song that you can think of, and thousands of new [...]