“Our Boundless rep has truly ‘grown up’ with us and is more like an extension of our team. He is constantly proposing new, creative ways for us to get our message out. He’s such an important part of our team, it’s not unusual for him to jump on our weekly Marketing calls and share his ideas. We wouldn’t be where we are today without him!”

–Carroll Van Hook, Regional Leasing Specialist, Campus Apartments

For about a decade, Boundless has been consulting with Campus Apartments, giving them the tools to manage promotional spend and promote their brand with the best possible products. Effectively, we have worked to make sure the branding stays consistent and strong using our proprietary Portal technology.

Making Ordering Promotions Easy

In 2014, Boundless upgraded Campus Apartments from Portal, our core platform for sourcing products and sharing ideas, to incorporate our latest feature: Portal Store. The Portal Store allows Campus Apartments staff to purchase pre-approved promotional products from anywhere, at any time. Our creative experts worked with the marketing team at Campus Apartments to source and load the most impactful products into their custom Portal Store to make sure agents across the country could easily stock up for their 4-5 yearly leasing campaigns. These campaigns include a selection of branded displays, promotional collateral, and trendy products. Our creative expert’s careful selection of these items has been invaluable to the Campus Apartments team. The Portal Store also solved one of Campus Apartments’ ongoing issues: inconsistent uniforms. With one central place to order, all departments are now consistently branded.

Crystal-Clear Oversight

Nowadays, challenges with managing budget and maintaining brand consistency are issues of the past. Leasing Agents log in to one central hub to shop and get ideas based on what other locations are buying. Portal Store gives upper management a deeper level of visibility and control over their promotional product spend, with easy access to invoices and order history. The real differentiator of Portal Store, however, is that it goes one step beyond just tracking inventory items. Any order placed with a Boundless rep, whether it’s an item in the store or a custom item found elsewhere, whether the order is placed via phone, email, or Portal, the purchase is reflected in the order history and tracking in Portal. Given over half of Campus Apartment’s orders are custom (not in the store) the ability to track these non-core items is vital. Boundless also helps Campus Apartments keep their budget under control by keeping an eye out for ways to save—always presenting the most cost-effective options but keeping brand integrity in mind.

More Than Just a Distributor

Boundless has built a relationship with the company far more valuable than just selling products. By understanding the clients’ needs, becoming an extension of the marketing team, and serving as a resource, Boundless has helped make sure the company is reaching their target audience and building their business. In doing so, Boundless has become a true strategic partner that has played an integral role in Campus Apartments’ nationwide success.

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  • Yearly vacating of college students meant re-leasing properties each year (need for compelling marketing)
  • Tight deadlines make spending time looking for promo products for multiple annual campaigns difficult
  • Lack of consistent brand identity across different departments


  • Implemented a custom Portal Store to give staff an easy way to buy pre-approved items and manage spend
  • Acted as an extension of the marketing team to strategize business development and protect brand integrity


  • 100% of buyers purchase their branded items from the Portal Store
  • Access to a wide range of pre-approved creative products, ensuring brand consistency
  • Reduced staff time by using fully-automated order processing in Portal Store
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