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Our 3-Step Guide to Building a Great Company Store

According to a recent report from Forrester, online retail sales in the US are expected to reach $334 billion in 2015, (approximately 10% of all sales in the US). This number is expected to climb to $480 billion by 2019. It’s no surprise that ecommerce is an ever-growing trend. Time is our most valuable and [...]
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The Trend That Will Drive Change in Every Supply Chain

Over the last decade, developing a sustainable supply chain has increasingly become a priority for large manufacturers and retailers. Having a formal policy for corporate social responsibility has come to be expected from Fortune 1000 companies, as state and government agencies are now demanding it more and more. However, there’s a groundswell movement that will [...]

6 Characteristics of Effective Promotional Products

In celebration of Promotional Products Work! Week, I'd like to share some insights about what truly makes a promotional product impactful. People are constantly being inundated by advertising in all forms, and promotional products can provide a powerful way to stand out. But not all promotional products are created equally. There are endless kinds of [...]

Sales Team Profile: Ellen Allentoff

Ellen Allentoff talks about her creative passion, the best product she’s ever sourced, and her love for baking (spoiler: it’s all about cakes, not pies). Ellen with Rambo, her Maltipoo (a cross between a Maltese and Poodle)   I had the pleasure of speaking with Ellen Allentoff, one of our awesome Sales Affiliates, who has [...]

Making Real Connections with Customers—Part II: B2B

This post is the second in a series of articles about effectively connecting with customers. To read Part I: B2C, click here. Similar to the B2C space, B2B shoppers are increasingly turning to online solutions for their business purchasing needs, but at the same time their expectations for offline experiences are very high (Source: Hybris). [...]

Making Real Connections With Customers – Part I: B2C

Businesses are constantly honing their web presence to meet the demands of their digitally-inclined consumers. But when we examine consumer shopping behavior online vs. offline, we see that there’s more to it than a great website and the ability to make purchases online. Everyone knows that ecommerce maintains a critical role in our retail economy. [...]

Creating Brand Love Moments: The New Boundless Branding

Boundless recently celebrated its 10th anniversary at our annual Founders' Circle, which served as the internal unveiling of our new logo and visual identity. We are excited today to reveal this new branding publicly, and, as Director of Marketing, I wanted to share some background relating to why Boundless chose to go through a rebrand [...]

Coming Together for a Cause – Austin-Style!

Boundless was proud to participate again this year in The Statesman Cap10K Run—the largest 10K race in Texas and one of the top 10 in the nation, which took place this past Sunday, April 12. We had a sizeable team this year, though we did have humble beginnings! What started as a casual “water cooler” [...]
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Stealing Ideas – The Key to Innovation?

Steve Jobs famously referenced another great artist in a 1996 interview: "Picasso had a saying -- 'good artists copy; great artists steal' -- and we have always been shameless about stealing great ideas." Recently I attended an event to allow others to steal my ideas, and to steal some for myself.  I was invited to [...]
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Founders’ Circle 2015: Celebrating Success

Our annual sales meeting was a sensational event, and we’re still riding high after this year’s Founders’ Circle! An annual tradition, this national meeting brings together our Sales team, supplier partners, and corporate staff in a cozy setting to collaborate on the latest and greatest projects for our clients. It’s not all work, though – [...]