And The Award Goes To…

Hard work and recognition go hand in hand, as they say. And while many annual awards banquets and recognition ceremonies have gone virtual in 2020, new opportunities for delivering recognition to the hard workers in your life are virtually boundless.

Put the Fun in Functional

If we’ve learned anything this year, it’s that nothing leaves a more memorable impact than receiving an experience on your doorstep. The same rings true for awards and recognition. While traditional acrylic plaques and carved wooden statuettes look lovely atop our desks or on a bookshelf, functional awards can be much more fun.

Celebrate your hardworking employee with a desktop cornhole set to encourage a little activity during productivity, customized to recognize them for their achievements. Transform great tech pieces into personalized recognition awards, and with a purpose! Branded awards like custom SONOS® speakers raise brand awareness by becoming the life of the party at your recipient’s next socially distanced soirée.

Never Stop Recognizing

It’s no secret that people like receiving recognition, and this goes far beyond winning a “years of service” plaque every five years. Keep the momentum alive with award accessories recognizing each moment your employee gives 100%, shows perseverance, goes above and beyond, or to simply remind them that they are valued and appreciated.

CUBED by Visions Awards begins as a rugged and interactive desktop trophy, and by adding a variety of magnetic milestone accessories, employees stay engaged and motivated to keep up the hard work, communication, and collaboration. And, it’s fun to fiddle with!

A Sustainable Spin

Playful and functional awards go far in building employee confidence while inspiring workmanship (and workwomanship). Many times, though, a traditional trophy can enhance an office space and inspire productivity just as well. While acrylic, metal, plastic, and crystal trophies are well-received and timeless options, we recommend aligning your brand with trophies made from sustainable materials. And this year, our favorite is cork.

Yep, you read that right. 

When combined with other sustainable materials like mahogany, steel, and even coffee, cork is downright stunning. Cork is also functional and allows you to “put a pin in it.” Send your employees seasonal recognition pins to push into their cork award. They’ll enjoy collecting pins for their efforts, and you’ll enjoy the productivity that comes with that well-deserved recognition.

It’s All in the Delivery

Elevated delivery generates the initial excitement of finding an award on your doorstep. When it comes to packaging awards and recognition pieces, the options for both classic and functional packaging is endless. Consider a die-cut foam interior to keep your award safe. Insert a custom card with a thoughtful message to let your recipient know why they’re so appreciated.

At the end of the day, we’re all grateful for one another. It’s all about the hard work, not the award you get for the work… although, a nifty trophy never hurt anyone.

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