3 Tips to Adapt Your Brand

It’s no secret: the world is changing. Companies are uniquely pivoting and adapting with creative and innovative branding efforts to remain on top of marketing and sales trends. We’ve compiled some helpful hints and creative examples to help your brand adapt and stay ahead of the curve.

Messaging & Mail

Right now, delivering your brand to clients is safest and easiest with direct mail pieces. Create a mail campaign that delivers the right product to the right person, with messaging that conveys optimism and hope rather than simply referencing the global climate. 

For promotional products, consider aligning your brand with inspirational messaging like the popular “I’m Essential” t-shirts many brands have distributed to essential workers on the front line.

Find ways to help your community by donating a portion of your sales revenue. Coffee company Alfred recently launched a fundraising campaign to donate 100% of “I’m a Friend of Alfred” hoodies sales to support UCLA Health’s COVID-19 Coronavirus Patient Care Fund. Creating a positive message within your sales community will make your brand a beacon of trust and reliability during this time. 

In other words, emphasize humanity over economy.

Levity & Light-Heartedness

Light-hearted humor is a path towards healing, and many brands are taking this route. It’s a way to connect in our shared experience as the world continues to heal.

Emily Crisps, a snack brand based in the UK, bought its first outdoor media space prior to shelter-in-place and WFH orders. After realizing the outdoor space wouldn’t be seen by many, the marketing team responded with a social media campaign poking fun at itself, and brand exposure has since been through the roof.

Useful & User-Defined

For some, working from home has been a time to unwind and indulge in a little self-care. NuFace has replaced in-person house calls with virtual house calls in order to deliver tutorials for at-home treatments to skincare. In addition, the beauty brand resonates with social media viewers by surveying them on the content they would like to see, and then responding within just a few hours with content designed to instruct and uplift. 

We want you to become inspired by brands who have adapted so successfully to the current climate. Check out this full list of unique marketing efforts!

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