2021 Spring Trend Report

Sunshine, warm weather, blooming flowers—what’s not to love about spring? Especially after the intense winter storm that spread across most of the US, us Austinites couldn’t be happier to change seasons! 

From runways and retail to social media and current events, we researched all of this season’s fashion trends and applied them to branded apparel to inspire your company. Aligning your branded apparel with current fashion trends has many benefits, including a higher perceived value and more wear time. And we all know that the more people that wear your clothing, the more advertising your brand gets. 

So, let’s spring into these trends!

Sporty Style

Athleisure, comfort, and nostalgia have teamed up to influence this casual trend.


Jogger sweatpants are stealing the spotlight and “have officially outpaced both jeans and leggings, with a 115% increase from last year,” says Who What Wear. If you’re thinking about purchasing a comfortable pair of pants for your audience, joggers are the way to go. You can even get brand name joggers like Bella + Canvas to really impress. 

Matching Sets

Matching athleisure sets have quickly gained popularity and can be found all over retail stores. Pair a tee with the same colored joggers or shorts and all of a sudden, you have a super trendy apparel set! Depending on which pieces you choose, they can act as loungewear or they can have a more sporty feel. (picture showing the difference)

Fanny Packs & Sling Bags

A few years ago, you couldn’t even pay someone to wear a fanny pack, but now they are one of the trendiest bags. Sling bags have also taken on the ‘trendy’ title, but only when worn across your chest. With the rise of outdoor activities, both of these bags have proven to be extremely functional. Packhacker described these bags as a “middle ground between a backpack and your pocket,” and we couldn’t have said it better!

Cool & Colorful

It’s no surprise that vibrant colors are trending in the spring, and reds, pinks, and yellows are especially hot this year. The funny thing is that pastels are also just as popular (maybe even more!). So whether you go bright or keep it subtle, you’ll be on trend.

Red & Pink

Vibrant reds and pinks are making waves this spring for both men and women. While these hues have been more feminine in the past, they are taking a gender-neutral stand. Who What Wear even stated that “…bright pink is a color that, believe it or not, proved to be one of the biggest color trends,” referring to the 2021 spring collection runways. How can you incorporate these bold colors into your company apparel?


Pantone’s color of the year for 2021 was a duo of Illuminating Yellow and Ultimate Gray. Inspired by that choice, bright yellow apparel is trending heavily in the fashion world. The Zoe Report even states that “yellow is officially the color of the year!” Yellow is a mood-boosting color that is a great reminder of positivity, sunshine, and hope. Incorporate yellow into your next apparel order and pair it with inspiring messaging around positivity.


Pastels were featured in our 2021 Trending Lookbook and they are here to stay—especially for apparel. The Trend Spotter reveals that pastel tones are dominating fashion in 2021. They are even taking over tie-dye… we know what you’re thinking, and yes, tie-dye is still trending! Pastels are the perfect way to incorporate spring colors into your apparel without being too loud.

Trends can be hard to keep up with, so we hope this trend report helps you with your next apparel order. Check out the full collection of trending spring apparel here!

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