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The New Norm: uShip

Author: Jason Black

Published: 2012 05 16

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When one thinks of the shipping and freight business, immediately they think UPS and Fed-Ex.  Much like the promotional industry, you might be surprised to know there are over 50,000 companies in this industry.

In this interview, I sit down with one of the emerging market leaders, Matt Chasen with uShip, to discuss how uShip is leveraging technology, marketing from their A&E reality TV show “Shipping Wars” and the continued innovation around mobile applications to build a winning business model.

Additionally, there is tremendous application for the promotional industry to leverage the uShip technology platform and increase their margins from shipping.

In the upcoming month, I will be coordinating with Matt to do an industry webinar on how both suppliers and distributors can apply their services to increase the bottom line.

I encourage you to watch the video as I really believe it could help your business.

Take care - JB