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Johnny Promo Counsels Peter through his first Breakup

Author: Jason Black

Published: 2013 09 25

The saga continues… as Johnny Promo continues his rally cry to stamp-out poor industry practices. In this episode, Johnny consoles Peter through his first Customer Break-Up.  As you see, Peter is taken by complete surprise that his largest customer of 10+ years is going to put their business up for RFP.  Scary stuff … Peter tries everything he knows to save his business… and he stops at nothing!

When asked to comment Johnny Promo exclaimed, “When a customer says it’s not you it’s us…it’s always you!”  Johnny Promo goes on to say, “Customers expect more from their promotional partners, Peter got lazy and took his client for granted… now we have to get to work to save Peter’s business”

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Top 10 predictions and musings for 2013…

Author: Jason Black

Published: 2013 01 30

You’ve gotten through all the New Year “stuff” (parties, business planning, meetings, tradeshows, etc.) and with 11 months to go in the year we’re officially in “execution” mode for 2013...

One thing that’s certain -  “change is constant.” This year in particular I believe the industry supply chain will be impacted… suppliers, distributors, customers and sales professionals will be faced with new challenges that will have significant impact how they do business in the future.

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Tips for Tradeshow Attendees

Author: Brad White

Published: 2013 01 15

So you are ready to start the New Year and you’re preparing to go to the big trade show.  You will be looking for new products, forming new relationships, and reconnecting with colleagues and friends.  With travel and events, the show will keep you constantly on the move for a week straight.  Then quickly upon your return home, you will be faced with a slew of new tasks, new deadlines, and new opportunities.  The beginning of the year can be a rushed and stressful time, especially with your travel schedule.  With this in mind, how can you make sure the tradeshow is a valuable experience?

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15 Ways to Build Your Business during the Holidays


Published: 2012 11 15

The 2012 holiday season has arrived… with Thanksgiving just around the corner, it won’t be long before you’re sipping on eggnog, listening to familiar music and watching Santa Claus Coke commercials dance across your TV screen.   Between the holiday parties and increased time with friends and family, this season is one of the best times of the year.  However, for many sales professionals and business owners this time has some specific challenges for maintaining focus and productivity. 

It’s during this time that many Promotional Products sales professionals and business owners call it quits and simply start over at the PPAI show in January.  Fortunately for you, that means there is ample opportunity to gain market share and close out the year strong.

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Are YOU a ZOMBIE Sales person?

Author: Cindy Goldsberry

Published: 2012 10 23

Do you have these defining characteristics?

  • You are technically shuffling forward, but your sales are dead?
  • Can’t quite talk the talk anymore and feel like you are mumbling and moaning your pitch day after day? Are you rabid for the deal, and rotting in discontent and lack of support?
  • Are you stuck in one track thinking…brains…brains…brains…I need brains…

Okay. Maybe it is not that bad. But I think many of us get stuck…really stuck…and we stumble around looking for the brains we need to get out of our slump, situation, pigeon hole, bidding war or the frustration of knowing that everyone seems to be outrunning us.

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Capitalizing on a Double Dip Recession

Author: Jason Black

Published: 2012 08 14

It was October 2008… the “other shoe” had fallen and the great US economy was officially in a recession.  During these days it seemed like the market was losing 700 points a week and the national news was polluted with the economists, trading blows on how to fix the looming dip.  Fast forward 4 years to 2012… we are still debating these same challenges.

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The Four Phases Of A Distributorship

Author: Jason Black

Published: 2012 01 17

Starting a promotional products distributorship is a huge rush—the creative products, the endless number of customer opportunities, the substantial earnings opportunity and the fun of building a rewarding business. In my more than 10 years as an entrepreneur, I’ve had my share of ups and downs. Some of what I’ve learned I share here to help guide you toward building a more sustainable, long-term business.

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