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Ali & Baba demo the Boundless Technology

Author: Jason Black

Published: 2014 07 22

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As we resume our interview with Ali and Baba their cell phones start buzzing with Alert Messages.

BLN – What is going on, both of your phones are blowing up with texts and now you both have this smirky little grin on your face.

Ali – Oh, just an internal message.

Baba – BS Ali, our quarterly earnings were just released and we're going to RULE THE WORLD.

Ali – Shut up Baba (growing frustrated with Baba’s arrogance)

Baba – Let me read the text to you Mr. Boundless...

Ali - And that Mr. Boundless is why we're going to not only rule the world but also your little industry you call the promotional products industry.

BLN – I apologize Baba, but those are fighting words and you're starting to really piss me off. I am not scared of you... and clearly you have no idea of the power underneath Boundless Network.

Baba – You're just like all the other large distributorships... you’re a bank, you process orders... you have your little pep rallies that suppliers pay for... and you have no technology to compete with Ali and Baba.

BLN – (Holding back a little smirky grin) – Clearly you have no idea about Boundless and I am willing to make a big bet.

Ali – (looks up from reading his emails at the word “BET”) says “Ok Mr. Boundless… Prove it!

BLN – (turning on the computer. Mr. Boundless conferences in the BLN Technology Team for a 1st hand look at a real Customer Facing Platform.)

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Ali & Baba Interview Continues…

Author: Jason Black

Published: 2014 06 24

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As a continuation to interview #1 with Ali and Baba... Boundless starts by putting Ali on the hot seat... why an IPO in America and why are you targeting the promotional products industry?

BLN – So let’s get started again… You have the Alibaba IPO scheduled for August 8th – why did you pick this date?

BABA – The number "eight" is good luck and will bring us fortune. The Beijing Olympics in 2008 commenced on 8/8/08... and they were the most successful in history... Alibaba will have same success.

BLN – That is quite interesting... insiders tend to agree.  The Alibaba IPO is expected to be the largest IPO of all time.  Some project the IPO will raise north of $20 billion dollars.  Are you surprised by your success?

ALI – I love America... it is a true land of opportunity. Our success is a testimony of what you can do if you work hard, have some luck and stay committed to a vision. 15 years of very hard work and this is very rewarding. I encourage every American to buy Alibaba stock.

BABA – Donald Trump and Mark Cuban are two of our role models. We learned many of our strategies from watching The Apprentice and Shark Tank.

BLN – Baba you continue to amaze me…

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BREAKING NEWS – Ali and Baba open up about promotional product strategy

Author: Jason Black

Published: 2014 06 18

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In a semi-exclusive interview, Ali and Baba sit down with Boundless to discuss their IPO scheduled for later this summer on August 8th. The interview gets a little "testy" when Ali shares too much information about their strategic vision for domination of the promotional industry. But cooler heads prevail when Baba says they will join PPAI and purchase "many" ASI licenses. Below are some snippets of the interview, if you have questions for Ali or Baba, please write us a comment below.

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How do you think Alibaba will disrupt the industry?

Author: Jason Black

Published: 2014 06 11

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Ali and Baba have packed their bags for New York, selected 8/8 (day of the green monkey) for their billion dollar IPO. On 8/9, every consumer of promotional products will ask themselves... "Should I buy my promotional products from Ali and Baba?"

As a distributor or supplier business owner/sales professional, you should be proactive with building your strategy to win in an "Alibaba World."  This behemoth industry player is not another dotcom flameout... but one that can completely disrupt the entire supply chain... eliminating both suppliers and distributors in the path.

ASI and PPAI have published a couple good articles that are worth a read.

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100 Years of Innovation?

Author: Jason Black

Published: 2014 06 03

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Family business are great, they represent the backbone of what makes America successful. I admire any company that has survived over 100 years... regardless of what industry. In 2014, we now live in a world that rewards innovation... innovation for the professionals that sell promotional products and innovation for the customers these sales professionals call clients.

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