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Laggard or Leader - You Decide

Author: Jason Black

Published: 2014 04 15

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Before you delete another email… this is one that you might want to read.  Boundless has been building an end-to-end technology platform that we believe will change the distributor model.  It leverages you the professional and our platform to create an entirely new customer experience. 

To put my money where my mouth is… for the next 1 hour (60 minutes), I am giving you a username and login to our demo site. 

Why you ask?

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A Millionaire Journey

Author: Jason Black

Published: 2014 04 02

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In continuation of sharing some “Best Practices” amongst leaders that have “found their #1”, I recently sat down with multi-million dollar producer Melissa Zon. 

Like many of us, the journey of finding big time success is a journey… and it is not always easy.  But with hard work, surrounding yourself with a good team and offering the right solutions… good things typically play out. 

Today, I characterize Melissa as a true success.  Great work-life-balance… strong base of million dollar accounts… and the ability to continue “whale hunting” via leveraging her partnership with Boundless.

Watch this video as she shares some of her story.

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Finding Your #1 – A Secret Weapon

Author: Jason Black

Published: 2014 03 25

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Do you have a quest to be #1… some do… some don’t.  If you do, in your journey of finding your #1, you will encounter all types of people that are key to your success.  Many times, you have to look “behind the curtain” to find their real secret weapons.

Meet Shalou… after watching this video, you will understand why the sales partners of Boundless value her as “their secret weapon”… providing them a customer facing technology platform that is responsible for them winning big accounts.  Unlike “traditional distributors” Shalou works with our technology team on a daily basis to build the best customer facing experience. 

Yes… did I say, Boundless rolls out new technology enhancements every two weeks?  No, but Shalou just did…


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A visit from ASI

Author: Jason Black

Published: 2014 03 19

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The Freaks come out at night… (and also the day)!  Last week in Austin Texas, 100,000+ hipsters, budding entrepreneurs and old guys trying to keep up with technology converged on the city for South by Southwest (SXSW).  Needless to say, it was a melting pot for innovation.

ASI, not shy from a good party, was here representing the industry and capturing the chaos.  Yes, they stopped by Boundless… as our office is perched above the famous 6th Street overlooking all the festival goers. 

Check out this video for Brad and Henrik’s 2 min of fame!

Promotion Lessons From SXSW 2014 from ASI Marketing

Enjoy - JB


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The Million Dollar Gut Check

Author: Jason Black

Published: 2014 03 04

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If someone told you that there were 10's of millions of dollars buried 12 inches below the ground... how would you respond?

  • Would you say "I can't see it... so it's not there" and do nothing?
  • Would you aimlessly start digging all over town?
  • Would you start buying all the land in your area and dig with an effective tool?

Right now, there is a LAND GRAB in the promotional industry where 99.9% sell products. The million dollar opportunity here is having an effective tool that enables you (the professional) to go dig up these million dollar accounts.

I challenge you to watch this video and ask yourself, "would your business grow with a tool like this"?  If you think maybe, I will schedule a 20 minute demo where you can see how Boundless is providing a technology platform for top business owners to help them win million dollar opportunities.

Happy Digging - JB

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