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Unleash your 1%

In the news this past year, we were introduced to the 99%ers and the 1%ers to describe people by their level of success. I found characterizing (and candidly villainizing) people by percentages somewhat comical because if you ask most people, they innately want to be the best they can be: raise the best family, be [...]

Do you like Green Eggs and Ham?

Honestly, what is your first reaction? Mine was “of course I don’t like Green Eggs and Ham that sounds repulsive.” But wait… One of my kids’ books by Dr. Seuss taught me a powerful lesson that I would like to share with you. “Green Eggs and Ham” is a book about the impact of being [...]

The Story of the Hammer and the Wedge

As a professional in the promotional products industry, your two greatest assets are your time and customer relationships. You make money from your customer relationships and your ability to effectively leverage your time determines the amount of money that you will make. The Big Challenge: The vast majority of all sales professionals eventually hit the [...]

The Climb to #1

In sports or business, striving to be number one is important. One of my biggest frustrations is seeing how we’ve become so soft with our children, a society where everyone is a freaking winner. Real life doesn’t work that way. Much to my wife’s dismay, if you ask my 6-year-old about second place, she will [...]

Lessons learned in 2009

We’ve all heard it before: in 2009 the economy had a big impact on the promotional products industry. And although the industry as a whole took a hit, individual businesses experienced the recession differently. Some people sank, losing up to 50% of their business. Some treaded water, surviving but not thriving. And some people swam, [...]

Surprise! There aren’t 48 hours in a day.

Some people just don’t seem to understand that the day is only 24 hours long. You’d think after a few years on Earth people would get used to this fact. But after working with sales professionals for the last 15 years I have developed some (hardly unique) insight: all sales professionals want to increase their [...]

A Business Planning Experiment

A vision is a clearly-articulated, results-oriented picture of a future you intend to create.” – Jesse Stoner Zemel At Boundless, I have recently began an experiment with five of our top professionals. My objective is to design a foolproof recipe that can make any professional successful. I am modeling this plan after many of the [...]

The Top 1% is a Mentality

I get asked all the time about how Boundless Network has been able to grow so quickly and bring on so many promotional industry leaders. I thought I’d give my blog readers a peek into how Boundless relates to the top 1% of professionals in our industry. Keep in mind that by top 1%, I [...]

The Digital Generation

Seth Godin wrote a blog the other day called “From Sixty to Zero” that talked about how to prepare your business for hitting the brakes in tough times. He asks, “how would you manage or market differently if you knew that you had to hit the brakes, and hard?” I thought this was a great [...]

2008 vs 2009 Budgets

One thought that has been circulating in my pea brain the past few months centers on the budget cycle of companies that typically takes place in Q4. Are you, as a promotional products professional, planning 2009 based on your clients’ 2008 budgets? This time last year (Q4 of 2007) companies broke into their respective management [...]