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Building Your Business in a Recession

A few months ago I wrote about the negative impact a recession will have on the vast majority of promotional products distributors. Since that time, I have attended numerous industry trade shows and have left each one confident that the success of Boundless Network’s sales professionals over the next year (or however long the negative economy sticks around) will increasingly be at the expense of other’s who are not providing true value to their customers.

Industry Sees Drop in M&A’s

Last week the ASI Promogram reported that the industry has seen a 32 percent drop in mergers and acquisitions, which I find somewhat interesting but not surprising. The reason? My best guess is two-fold. First, I think there are only a limited number of distributorships that have the wherewithal to structure win-win relationships. Second, I think the majority of these “larger” distributorships are boring business models that offer more of the “same ole same ole” with no real strategic value. The new breed of distributorships (younger progressive types) is looking for something more significant and unfortunately, there are only a couple of suitable options.

The Time to Partner is Now

My definition of a partnership is when two parties come together to create a win-win solution. Partnerships enable the respective partners to do what they do best and collectively win.

Boundless believes that both distributors and individual sales professionals should take a strong look at partnering with our company. Take a look at these five reasons to consider a partnership…

A Boundless Experience: Part Two

Day two of Founders’ Circle 2008 was phenomenal! At a 100K-foot view, day two was designed to be motivating, celebrate the success of 2007, share the roadmap of how the technology platform provides our sales organization a competitive advantage, and outline key milestones into 2009 and through 2010.